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Château de Bord - Laudun Caveau & Chais à Châteauneuf-du-Pape / Avenue St Pierre de Luxembourg
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Brotte Côtes du Rhône Villages Laudun Château de Bord


Supple and Fine


Dating from Roman times, the vineyard of Château de Bord in Laudun was the property of the Bishops of Uzès in the 11th century. Later, the counts of Toulouse took over before being abandoned during the French revolution.

It then was bought and sold many times. The Brotte family purchased the domain and it’s exceptional soils in 1991. The walls of an impressive medieval castle overlook the vineyards.

The 32-hectare domain is situated on a series of south-facing terraces with well-drained limestone/clay soils on the Cesar’s Camp sector. The terraces are especially rich in oyster and shellfish fossils. 


Due to the low yields of 35hl/ha (the appellation permits up to 40hl/ha), grapes reach optimal concentration. The altitude of the vineyard gives good freshness while the deep, well exposed soils bring great complexity and finesse to the noble varietals planted on the parcel: Grenache and Syrah.

Whether it concerns viticulture, wine making, maturation or bottling, the modalities of the Terra Vitis label are respected to protect man and the environment.

The soils are ploughed throughout the year using sustainable agriculture principles. Green period tasks such as de-budding, leaf thinning and green pruning, limit yields thus improving quality. Grapes are hand-harvested and transported rapidly in small crates to avoid crushing berries and chance of oxidation. We then fully de-stem and crush the grapes. Fermentation is maintained at 28˚C, followed by a maceration of three weeks. The most tannic wines of Syrah and Grenache are matured in French oak barrels (1/3 new, 1/3 one wine, 1/3 two wines) while the most supple Grenache is aged in concrete tanks and 100 year old, large oak vats to conserve the fruit. Bottling is done in March after more than a year of ageing, after a light filtration.


Remarkable suppleness and finesse characterize our bottlings.




The Emblem of Chateau de Bord

The Brotte family, proud of the presence of such beautiful remains of a medieval castle on its property, decided to present an historic reconstitution of the building on it’s labels. The impressive construction, which dominates the vineyard and seems to watch over them, is now honoured in its original state on Chateau de Bord wines.