A focus on quality

In our vineyards :

In order to ensure quality, at Domaine Barville we will select our best fruits grape by grape.

Sustainable vine culture is applied in all our vineyards. We have the French environmental label Terra Vitis since 2014. We work with Queen nature as its simple servant and not its master. All our estates are hand harvested.

As learning is forever richness, our team is seconded by a consultant agronomic engineer and a consultant oenologist, both specialised in the quality development of our Southern Rhône wines.

In our cellar :

Technology evolves also and we have recently invested in an « Égreneur », the most qualitative system yet developped to sort our Grenache grapes. It indeed manages to remove the berries from the stalk without damaging the very fragile grenache fruit. An essential processus in ensuring the maturity and freshness of our crop from handpicking in the vineyard all the way to the fermentation in vats.

For all our prestige cuvées, bottling is done by gravity and without any filtration. At the end of their maturing stage, these wines are stored in stainless stell vats without the use of any machines.

We limit all movement and pumping of our wines in order to prevent oxydation and sudden temperature changes. All in order to preserve the natural immune system of a wine and limit SO2 addition at bottling. This will allow the best expression of our terroirs. We aim to stay as natural as possible in order to ensure the authenticity of our cuvées.