Brotte Sweet Muscat "La Doucejoie" 2016

VARIETIES : Muscat white

YIELD : 30 hl/ha

NUMBER OF BOTTLES   : 1 000 b.



“La Doucejoie”: “Sweet pleasure” : A tribute to the pleasure in drinking this sweet natural wine, both aromatic and silky.

After searching for a winegrowing partner who shares our own winemaking beliefs, we have joined forces with ‘vin doux naturel’ producer Jérôme Bouletin. His winery is situated on the east side of the village of Beaumes de Venise and has 20 parcels of vines of at least 20 years old. They are grown on two kinds of terroir: the sandy soils of the St-Véran commune and limestone soils of Beaumes de Venise itself. With full southerly exposition, the vines receive maximum benefit from the ripening sunshine while being protected from the Mistral by the rocky mountain chain of the Dentelles de Montmirail. These various terroirs produce muscat wines that are powerful, aromatic and well-balanced.



Sustainable viticulture. Hand harvested when the fruit reaches full maturity. Berry selection in the vineyard before quick transport to the winery. Traditional vinification methods including pressing and juice settling for 24 to 48 hours before the clear juice is racked and fermentation begins in stainless steel, temperature regulated vats (14-16°C). Once sugar level is sufficient, “mutage”, the step of adding pure alcohol to create a ‘vin doux naturel’, stops the fermentation while retaining the natural sweetness of the grapes. The wine is then filtered and finally bottled in March of the year following the harvest.



“Silky and Balanced, Intensely Aromatic”

Colour  –  Brilliant gold.

Nose   Powerful aromas of intermingling minerality and fruitiness. White peach, apricot, honey, citrus fruits and acacia can be detected.

Palate Rich and full. Perfect balance between the fruitiness carried through from the nose and the sweetness, acidity and alcohol on the palate. This equilibrium creates a wine of mouthwatering freshness, neither too heavy nor too fat. It is characterized by its finesse, elegance and unctuousness.



Serve at 11 °C.

Serve as an aperitif or with foie gras, curry chicken or other spicy dishes. For dessert, alongside tarte tatin (apple pie), candied fruits or vanilla millefeuille.



2017 : A good year with low yields. With beautiful rich sugar and deep colours, the red wines are powerful, round and balanced. Whites and rosés are fat, full-bodied and have kept good freshness. 2016 : An exceptional year. The reds are aromatic, powerful, round, fine and balanced, while the whites display freshness, unctuosity, full body and great length.